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    Embrace Your Potential.

    When Sara Hamilton '12 goes global, she does it in a big way. As a boarding student, she lived with friends from around the U.S. and world, led the Amnesty International Club and volunteered at a Jamaican orphanage as a GFS Jenkins Fellow. Her research in marine mercury contamination through the Women in Science and Engineering (WISE) GFS/Johns Hopkins program fueled her global interests, and as a GFS senior and Bowdoin freshman, she studied climate change at NASA. Now, she's more than ready to change the world.

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    Make A Difference.

    Mia Gordon ’18 felt the respect and warmth of the Garrison Forest community from her first days in the Preschool. Now, as Middle School honor board chair, she is making the community she loves even better. A veteran of student government, she’s learning that she can effect change. And as a three-season athlete, she’s discovering that the respect and encouragement on the court make all the difference off.

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    Discover Your Voice.

    Yiliu Zhang ’14 can barely contain her enthusiasm for new experiences. A self-described “shy girl” before joining GFS as an international boarder, now she’s the first to voice her opinion in class and try something new. A Cum Laude member, she shares her passion for math by tutoring Middle School students. As a dorm leader, she loves to gather friends together. When she tried out for Varsity Golf, the team welcomed her, something she is doing as part of the orientation team: “I am becoming a stronger person at GFS because it’s an all-girls’ school. It’s so open and encouraging.”

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    All It Takes is an Idea.

    Vasiliki Argeroplos ’17 is tech-savvy and focused on the future. But not just her own. Driven by her entrepreneurial spirit, Vasiliki co-founded Okay to Play with her brother in 2010 to recycle cell phones and use the profits to buy toys for children in need. They’ve kept 2,000 cellphones from landfills and donated toys to 15 orphanages in the U.S., Greece and Afghanistan. Her participation in the GFS James Center’s financial literacy program inspired her, and her natural leadership skills propelled her into action.

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    Lead, Always, By Example.

    Brooke Adler ’13 was at the top of her game at Garrison Forest, on and off the field. Her field hockey skills and sportsmanlike attitude earned her a coveted place in the 2011 Junior Olympics. She was recruited to play for No. 1-seed University of Maryland and received numerous honors including All-Star, All-Metro, All-State and All-American. To her, playing for the GFS Grizzlies was about more than winning and losing. “The friendships that you make and the competition that you experience with your teammates is the best part of playing team sports at Garrison Forest.”

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    Connect with

    The World and Each Other.

    Chris Shriver, Lower School technology coordinator and Imagineering teacher, makes classroom walls—and half the world—disappear. Using iPads, laptops, apps, video conferencing and the latest digital technology, her students converse face-to-face with children from around the world to explore culture, history and art. In Imagineering, she uses technological tools, boundless enthusiasm and hands-on fun to inspire a love of engineering. By bringing the real world in real time to Garrison Forest, Mrs. Shriver teaches her students to make a real difference.

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    Find your Passion - and Purpose.

    Joo Eun Lee’s experience as an international boarder from Korea sparked her love of leadership. In 8th grade, she was elected boarding president, and the list grew from there: Forum, residential life student leader, 11th grade boarding president and vice president of the school. She honed her self-confidence in the Women in Science and Engineering (WISE) GFS/Johns Hopkins program and as a Jenkins Fellow. “At GFS, I found the courage to become the driver of my life, not a person who takes the backseat,” says Joo Eun ‘13, who is sharing her passion for leading at Smith College.

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