Leadership Council

The Diversity Leadership Council is a group of faculty, staff, and administrators committed to ensuring that multicultural education is infused in all aspects of school life. Our work is guided by the following beliefs:

  • We acknowledge that we have an individual cultural framework that influences what we do, think, and believe
  • Multiple perspectives regarding all aspects of school life must be examined in order for us to build cultural competency and be an excellent school

The Diversity Leadership Council works diligently to ensure that all members of the Garrison Forest community embrace these two very important ideas. Our outstanding teachers understand that the information we impart to students is biased by our personal experiences. Exploring divergent viewpoints allows us to be better educators and to responsibly prepare our students to live in a global society.

The Diversity Leadership Council will:

  • engage the community in curricular and co-curricular programs that reflect the diversity of our community and the world
  • assist with recruiting, hiring, and retaining a diverse faculty
  • assist with recruiting, enrolling, and retaining a diverse student body

2013-14 Diversity Leadership Council


Jessy Halaby, Director of Multicultural Affairs

Faculty Representatives:

Katie Baughman, Upper School 
Meredith Klein, Middle School
Michelle Nelson, Lower School 
Liz Schindler, Preschool

Counselor Representatives:

Elena Michelson, Upper School
Lisa Fleck, Middle School
Shondra Cowling, Lower School