Mission and Statement of Respect

Mission and Philosophy

At Garrison Forest School, we prepare our students in and out of the classroom to thrive in a complex, changing world by:

  • challenging them to strive for academic excellence and to grow into informed, independent, and creative thinkers
  • cultivating an authentic and resilient sense of self, grounded in respect and integrity
  • creating a diverse and inclusive community built on a spirit of caring
  • inspiring young women to lead and to serve with passion, purpose, and joy


Statement of Respect

The Garrison Forest School community is deeply committed to equity, honesty, kindness, and respect as part of the educational experience. To this end, we:

  • celebrate diversity both within our community and our curriculum
  • are concerned for the well-being of all people
  • seek to build the self-esteem of all people
  • aspire to promote the understanding of all people.

We recognize the dignity and worth of all individuals. To protect their rights we confront bias, prejudice, and discrimination. Garrison Forest School does not condone any behavior which is inconsistent with these tenets. We believe that it is unacceptable for our spoken and written language and behavior to demean anyone’s physical characteristics, as well as anyone’s ethnic, gender, personal, racial, religious, or sexual identities. We, as individuals, must take responsibility for our words and deeds and respect all people.

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Our motto informs our mission: Esse Quam Videri --To Be Rather Than To Seem.