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Do your kids understand how to earn, save, spend responsibly, and invest money?

Do they know how to budget or how credit can work for them?

If not, enroll in Money Club today!!! Money Club helps to guide the young scholar through storytelling, games and questions, all designed to guide them to a healthy money relationship. Play NumisMatters, our proprietary live-action finance game, at the beginning and end of Money Club, and in between, learn the tactics and opportunities that are a part of a robust, successful future beginning at a young age.

When you combine The Money Game with a PM option, Lunch Bunch is just $20/week!

Dates: June 18-22 (AM) CLOSED
11-16, coed
Time: 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Fee: $275

PM Combo Options: The Art StudioMast Tennis Academy