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Lincoln Phillips Soccer School



Experience the “Fun” and “Excitement” of learning “new” soccer skills at the Lincoln Phillips Soccer School.

The curriculum is designed by the Legendary soccer coach, Lincoln Phillips and Derek Phillips, former professional and national team player, movement enhancement expert and successful Varsity soccer coach at GFS. Two weekly sessions offered this summer are designed to meet the needs of our developing youth soccer players. The focus of each session is to expose players to the challenge and fast pace demands of the modern.

Girls individual and team camp NEW!(Residential or full day)

This residential session is designed specifically for the benefit of young female soccer players! The focus will be developing and refining technical skills and most importantly, learning how to apply these skills to game situations.

The training and teaching environment will feature, as often as possible,  “soccer movies and tapes featuring successful female soccer players and teams… This will ensure that our young ladies relate to star soccer players of their own gender.

This full day session is ideal for young girls (ages of 10 – 16) who want to be exposed to a challenging skills development environment without having to stay overnight. 

Dates: June 28-July 2 
Time: Residential
Ages: 10-16, girls
Cost: $589

Dates: June 29-July 2 
Time: 9 AM - 4 PM
Ages: 10-16, girls
Cost: $339

individual skill and team development camp 

Technical skills will be the focus of this session. Special age-specific games and activities are selected by our professional and experienced staff to ensure that all students develop in a stress free environment.

While this session will focus on honing individual skills, attention will also be spent on tactics and teamwork. Coaches seeking to gain a competitive edge on their opponents in the coming season are encouraged to have their entire or partial teams attend this session. 

Dates: July 27-31
Time: 9 AM - 12 PM, 9 AM - 4 PM
Ages: 6-17, coed
Cost: $199/$339