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Olympic Gold Medalist Holds GFS Riding Clinic

Olympic Gold Medalist and renowned horsewoman Melanie Smith Taylor visited GFS last week and held clinics for students in the GFS Equestrian Institute on Friday and for a large group of GFS student and community riders and adults on Saturday.

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Pre-K Story Time with Kelly Zhang '18

GFS Senior Kelly Zhang visited Ms. Marsh's Pre-K Class Tuesday morning, delighting the children with a story that introduces touchstones of Chinese culture as it tells a tale of Lin and her best friend, a pet dragon.

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Upper School Fall Play

You Can't Take it With You is a madcap, idealistic comedy that reinforces the idea that you can only live life to the fullest by doing what makes you happy. This "dinner party gone wrong" will keep you smiling all night long. The play is family friendly and suitable for all ages. 

Grandpa Vanderhof and his wacky family, the Sycamores, have been happily living their zany lives in New York City for many years. This is a family who marches to the beat of their own drum. Their hobbies include collecting snakes, building fireworks, writing plays and taking ballet lessons in the living room. But when practical young Alice Sycamore becomes engaged to her company's Vice President Tony Kirby, the Sycamore family must straighten up to meet the new in-laws. Disaster ensues when the Kirby's arrive at the wrong time and see Alice's family in all of its ridiculously unique glory.  

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