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Web links for the 6th grade cross-divisional project on Haiti and the Dominican Republic.

Caribbean Travel Guide

This commercial site from World Travel Guide allows you to find some quick facts about Haiti and the Dominican Republic by clicking on the country name and choosing from the list of topics on the right side of the screen.


Dominican Republic information

Information about the Dominican Republic from the Carol Morgan School in Santo Domingo


Encyclopedia of the Nations

The Encyclopedia of the Nations is a complete source for detailed information about one hundred ninety three countries in the world, information about the United Nations and the associated agencies, and world leaders. This link will take you to the index of countries in the Americas; click on the country you are studying.

Commercial site with travel information about the Dominican Republic.

Fifth Grade

The following websites are approved for your use.

Library of Congress

Saxon Math Online Activities

Ancient Rome

Forum Romanum

A digital library of Latin literature, including The Private Life of the Romans and many texts in Latin.

Perseus at Tufts University

Primary and secondary sources for the study of Ancient Greece and Rome. Enter on the "Classics" link.

Pompeii Forum Project at U.VA

A study of the urban aspects of Pompeii.  The purpose is to document the standing remains and anaylze the archeological evidence to add to an understanding of urban history.

Pompeii Project at Dalton School

Links to all those interested in Classical Rome.

Constitution/Supreme Court Paper

Supreme Court Collection

From the Legal Information Institute at Cornell University.

Landmark Cases of the Supreme Court

 Illuminates fifteen landmark cases, including Plessy v. Ferguson, Brown v. Board of Education and Miranda v. Arizona.  Developed by teachers, law students,  attorneys, Street Law and the Supreme Court Historical Society.


Oyez, Oyez, Oyez

A multi-media Supreme Court site; features audio files, abstracts, transcriptions of oral arguments.  Contains written opinions on more than 3,300 Supreme Court cases.  Provides easy access to the twenty most popular cases (Roe v. Wade, etc.).  Offers images and biographical outlines of the justices.  Includes a "virtual tour" of the Court building.

Supreme Court of the United States

This is the official website of the U.S. Supreme Court.  It includes biographies of the current justices and some information on opinions from recent cases.

Ebooks and Texts

A Celebration of Women Writers

May be browsed by name, century, country, ethnicity, or date.

Discovering Dickens: A Community Reading Project

Fascimiles of Dicken's novels in the original serial form, sponsored by Stanford University. Literary and historical commentary aids understanding.

Project Gutenberg

A collection of over 10,000 eBooks and etexts, most of which are in the public domain.

The Online Books Page

Contains over 20,000 free online books, updated frequently.

Federal Government Information

FedStats (Statistics from over 100 Federal Agencies)

Statistics and data from "Abortion" to "Women" collected by federal agencies.

Library of Congress

Includes the Library of Congress electronic catalog, the American Memory collection, links to world culture and resources, U.S. legislative information, copyright, and much more.

The White House

Includes transcriptions of presidential speeches, video tours of the White House, executive order and news briefings, etc.

THOMAS/U.S. Congress on the Internet

Information and coverage of both the House and Senate, including summaries, status and full text of all bills, the Congressional Record, committee information, etc.

U.S. Department of State

Covers all aspects of State Department business, including the Country Reports and travel warnings.

Washington Week Guide to Government (WETA)

Includes links to all elected federal officials, election candidates and information on Congressional legislation.  A special section has lesson plans for educators and articles from college newpapers around the USA.

Learning Fair 2008

America's Career InfoNet

By choosing "Explore Careers" from the home page on this web site, you can enter your career and get details about the job, a short informational video as well as salaries and other statistics for the national and state level.

Career Voyages

This site is a collaboration of the U.S. Department of Labor and the U.S. Department of Education.  It is designed to provide information about high-growth, high-demand occupations, as well as the skills and education needed to attain those jobs.

iSEEK Internet System for Education and Employment Knowledge

Sponsored by the Minnesota departments of education and employment among others, iSEEK offers a lot of information about careers, education, and business.  Choose the "Explore careers" tab from the main page; then click "Find Careers" to get information about your specific career. 


JobStar is a site originally set up by the California public library system for patrons to use in their career searches.  Click on "Career Guides" from the main page and then click on "Guides for specific careers" to search for information.  This site has a lot of information; it's particularly known for its comparative salary information.

My Cool Career

This site is put together by career speaker and coach Jill Sanborne and it is geared toward teens.  Choose "Explore" from the main page and then "Webradio interviews" to get to audio files of interviews with professionals in different careers.

O*Net Online (Occupational Information Network)

Use the "Find Occupations" link from the main page of this informational site to get to a search screen.  When you search for information about your career, you will get bulleted lists of just about everything you need to know about the job, including tasks, tools and technology used and  skills needed.

Occupational Outlook Handbook

This is a comprehensive career information site from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statisitics.  The best way to search the site is by job title.  Here you can find detailed information about the nature of the work, working conditions, training and education needed, earnings and sources for further information.

Model UN

Links to useful Model UN resources.

BBC Country Profiles

Provides an instant guide to historical, political and economic backgrounds of countries and territories.  Also provides background on key international institutions.

CIA Factbook

Provides "basic intelligence" (the CIA defines intelligence as information that has been collected, integrated, evaluated, analyzed and interpreted) on countries, including reference maps and transnational issues.

Model UN

Includes help on projects, including how to prepare for a conference, FAQ's, and links to important resources.  An interactive forum allows students to ask uqestions, find answers and connect with Model UN participants around the world.

U.S. State Department Background Notes

Provides official government information that includes facts about the land, people, history, government, political conditions, economy and foreign relations of independent states, some dependencies and areas of special sovereignty.ᅠ

United Nations

The official United Nations website.

Poetry Websites

Edgar Allan Poe

A exhaustive collection of poetry, short stories, articles and criticism by the American writer.

Favorite Poem Project

People from all walks of life reciting and reading poetry they admire.

Great Books Online

Select "Verse" and have a choice of over 50 poetry links, from published collections to works by inpidual poets.

Haiku Homepage

Links to the form of poetry popular in Japan, in which writers convery a vivid impression on only 17 Japanese characters (know as the 5-7-5 form).

Lost Poets of the Great War

Includes Rupert Brooke, Wilfred Owen and Alan Seegar, among others.

Mathematical Poetry: A Small Anthology

Selections of poetry dealing directly or indirectly with mathematics.

Modern American Poetry

Companion site to the print version of Anthology of Modern American Poetry; includes biographical material, poetry and analysis.

Poetry 180 (Library of Congress)

A poem a day for American high schools, chosen by Billy Collins, former Poet Laureate of the United States.

Representative Poetry Online

Indexed by poet, title of poems and keyword.ᅠ Includes glossary, criticism ᅠand timeline.ᅠ Sponsored by the University of Toronto ᅠDepartment of English and the University of Toronto Press.

The Academy of American Poets

Browse over 1400 poems, 500 poet biographies and 100 audio clips.

The Albany Poetry Workshop

An interactive forum for beginning poets and writers.

Primary Sources

A Celebration of Women Writers

Can be browsed  by name, century, country, ethnicity or date.

America and the Holocaust: Primary Sources (WGBH)

Contains all primary papers and interviews consulted and used to put together this public television documentary.

Densho: The Japanese American Legacy Project

Personal testimonies of Japanese Americans who were unjustly incarcerated during World War II.

Internet History Sourcebook Project

Collections of public and copy permitted historical texts.  Links include primary sources in Ancient History, Medieval History, Modern History, as well as special links to African, Byzantine, East Asian, Indian, Islamic, Jewish, Gay and Lesbian, Science, and Women's History.

Plymouth Colony Primary Sources

Full-text books and letters written by various Mayflower passengers, or by those who visited early Plymouth.

Primary Sources on the Web (Berkeley)

Selected websites covering American history.  Covers all major time periods and includes texts and images.

Vietnam Online (WGBH)

Interviews and documents available from the documentary series, American Experience, produced by WGBH.

Voice of Hibakusha

Interviews with Hiroshima survivors.

Quotations Websites

Links to the 10th edition of Bartlett's Familiar Quotations and many other quotation references.

Dictionary of Scientific Quotations

A short collection of scientific observation, many humorous.

Mathematical Quotations

Searchable by keyword.  Maintained by Furman University.

Quotations Page

May browse by author or subject.

Reference Sources

Asia Info (Complete Resource on Asia)

Links to current information abot countries, cities, art, business, culture, etc.  Includes an Asian calendar, country maps and profiles, history timelines and statistics.

Asia Source (Asian Society)

Includes top news stories, maps and statistics, food and educational resources, articles and speeches from an Asian perspective, and more.

Internet Public Library

A virtual library on-line, maintained by the School of Information of the University of Michigan.  Includes online newspapers from around the world, e-zines, online books, reference books of all kinds, and specialized links such as the British Library's digitalized collection of ancient texts.

Journey Through Japan

Take a journey, with stories, lesson plans, geographical, historical, social ᅠand cultural material.

Research It

Find links for language, research, map and internet information.

United States History - 7th Grade

American Memory Project at the Library of Congress

Links to primary documents in American history.

Apollo Moon Landing

Part of the NASA "Solar System Exploration" site.

Avalon Project at Yale Law School

Primary documents in law, history and diplomacy.

Basic Readings in U.S. Democracy

Laws, speeches and Supreme Court rulings organized thematically.

Cycles of Nativism in American History

A synopsis of the various periods in American history when immigration was discouraged.

Digital History Homepage

Links to various periods in American history (Gilded Age, Progressivism, Immigration, etc.)

Equal Rights Amendment - ERA

Sponsored by Encyclopedia Britannica, includs many sites about women's suffrage and the ERA and other sites of interest about the history of American women.

Great American Speeches: 80 Years of Political Oratory

Original speeches in text, audio, and video formats.  Background notes are provided.

National Archives and Records Administration

100 milestone documents in American history.

Operation Desert Storm

The Gulf War

Produced by Frontline.  Includes oral histories.

The History Place - Child Labor in America, 1908-1912

Photographs of Lewis Hine

The Ku Klux Klan

Links to other  "Jim Crow" events and experiences.

The Populist Party

Timeline of the Women's Rights Movement



A wacky home page, with photos from the infamous August of 1969.

World War II Archives

Great source of primary documents organized by aircraft, ships, people, events, documents, photographs, etc.

World War II: A Guide to Resources and Research on the Web

A portal to hundreds of websites on every aspect of the war.

World Wide Web History

An annotated guide to the most useful U.S. History web sites, arranged by topic and time period.

Volunteer Opportunities

American Friends Service Committee Volunteer Opportunities


Amigos de la Americas creates opportunities for young people to excell in leadership roles promoting public health, education and community development in the U.S. and Latin America.

Amnesty International USA

The Patrick Stewart Human Rights Scholarship offers students a unique opportunity to gain practical experience in the field of human rights.  Scholarships are awarded to promising student human rights activists to complete summer internships or other creative human rights projects in the U.S. or abroad. (Type "Patrick Stewart" in the search box.)

Best Bets for Volunteering Abroad

The University of California at Irvine "Best Bets" page contains links to related volunteer web sites as well as listings of some of the more well-known programs.

Crossroads Africa

A volunteer organization similar to the Peace Corps.  CA has sent 11,000 persons in the last 45 summers to 35 African countries, 12 Caribbean countries and Brazil.

Experiment in International Living

Founded in 1932, EIL enables individuals of all ages to share experiences, language and customs.  Programs include educational group travel, study abroad, language training, work exchange and other cultural immersion programs.

Global Aware

Short term volunteer vacations in Peru, Costa Rica, Thailand, Cuba, Nepal, Brazil, and India.

Global Crossroads

World volunteer, internship and mini-vacation program.

Global Routes

International volunteer works, community service and teaching overseas.

Global Works 2005

Global Works is a summer program designed for students aged 14 - 18 who want: Community Service; Cultural Exchange; Language Learning; Adventure Acitvities; and Small Group Travel.


A project of Action Without Borders; lists thousands of volunteers opportunities in your community as well as around the world.

Landmark Volunteers

Nonprofit summer service opportunities for motivated high school students.

Projects Abroad

The leading organization recruiting young people to do worthwhile voluntary work overseas.

Putney School Summer Programs

Putney offers a variety of summer community service programs overseas and in the United States.

Schools Without Borders

SWB is a registered Canadian charitable organization dedicated to fostering responsibility and leadership.  The organization sponsors cross-cultural study abroad seminars and volunteer placements.

The Student Conservation Association

The SCA provides high school and college students meaningful conservation service internships and volunteer opportunites in our National Parks, Forests and other public lands.


A co-ed residential program for teenagers aged 14-18, blending service work, cross-cultural learning and adventurous exploration.  Sightseeing, recreation and intercultural activities are planned into program days.

Volunteer Match

A web site designed to "find a volunteer opportunity for whatever you like doing."  Enter your zipcode to search for organizations near you.

Women in Science Paper

4000 Years of Women in Science

Features 125 women from the field of science.  Last updated 2003.

Biographies of Women Mathematicians

Information on women mathematicians, collected by the math students at Agnes Scott College.

Black Women in the Mathematical Sciences

From the Mathematics Department of The State University of New York in Buffalo.

Contributions of 20th Century Women to Physics

An Archive presenting and documenting some important and original contributions made before 1976 by 20th century women. 

Female Nobel Prize Laureates

Includes laureates in the areas of physics, chemistry, physiology and medicine.

National Library of Medicine's Profiles in Science

This site celebrates twentieth-century leaders in biomedical research and public health. It makes the archival collections of prominent scientists, physicians, and others who have advanced the scientific enterprise available to the public

San Diego Supercomputer Center's Women in Science

Short biographical articles about 16 women who have made a career or a significant contribution to a scientific discipline.  Articles/books for further reading are listed.

Women in Science

A "ThinkQuest" site, containing brief biographies of past and present women scientists.

Word Project

Useful links to find resources for some parts of the Word Project.  See also the Quotations Websites in the Main Menu.


An English dictionary with multi-lingual search capacity.

Babel Fish

Translates words and phrases from one language to another.

Contains a thesaurus, as well as other language resources.

Internet Public Library

A virtual on-line library, includes many dictionaries and language aids.

Lyrics - Lyrics by Artists

Alphabetically arranged by artist or song.


Enter a word to access the definition in many dictionary sites.