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The WISE Program

The WISE Program The WISE Program The WISE Program The WISE Program The WISE Program The WISE Program The WISE Program The WISE Program

What is WISE?

It's a partnership between Johns Hopkins and Garrison Forest:

The Women in Science and Engineering (WISE) Program is the outcome of a groundbreaking partnership established in 2005 between Garrison Forest School and The Johns Hopkins University to launch a critically needed mentoring program. It aims to encourage young women from Baltimore and around the country to pursue their interest in science and engineering. The program links students with faculty mentors in the Johns Hopkins University Schools of Engineering, Arts and Sciences, and Public Health.

It's "immersion science" and science mentoring:

Garrison Forest School recruits young women from its own student body as well as visiting students from high schools located locally, nationally, and internationally to spend two trimesters of their junior or senior year participating in the WISE program while enrolled at GFS. WISE students participate in a customized junior or senior-year curriculum at Garrison Forest and spend two afternoons a week on the Johns Hopkins campus in hands-on research, science immersion experiences, and mentoring activities.

The WISE program is designed to dramatically increase the scientific literacy of its participants through pairing them with accomplished scientists and their lab teams at Johns Hopkins. Johns Hopkins faculty introduce WISE students to their work in Johns Hopkins labs, providing the specific background information, instruction, and guidance that allow WISE students to participate directly their mentors' research efforts. Students are immersed in world-class science and research lab work and make concrete, valuable contributions to the work.

It's also a broad overview of science and engineering fields:

Johns Hopkins faculty also include WISE students in lectures, seminars, departmental meetings, and other activities designed to expose them to a range of science and engineering disciplines. Field trips to such regional resources as the National Institutes of Health, Goddard Space Flight Center, Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory and the Central Intelligence Agency raise students' awareness of the range of science careers available to them. Students attend special science events such as Baltimore Green Week, the USA Science and Engineering Festival and the Young Engineers and Scientists Seminars sponsored by Northrop Grumman , as well as events at Johns Hopkins including JHU’s annual Henrietta Lacks Memorial Lecture.

JHU faculty members engage in other outreach efforts of benefit to the entire GFS community. They serve as resources for Garrison Forest as speakers in classes and at assemblies and have served as advisors regarding the School's science curriculum, lab design, and professional development opportunities for GFS faculty.

It's an ongoing, interactive connection with Hopkins faculty:

An outstanding group of faculty and graduate student scientists and engineers from JHU's Whiting School of Engineering and Krieger School of Arts and Sciences serve as the mentoring faculty. Faculty members from the Bloomberg School of Public Health also serve as mentors. Among the more than 75 women and men who have agreed to serve as WISE mentors in the past years of the program are faculty from the departments of Applied Mathematics and Statistics; Biology; Biomedical Engineering; Biophysics; Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering; Chemistry; Cognitive Science; Earth and Planatary Sciences; Electrical and Computer Engineering; Geography and Environmental Engineering; Health, Behavior, and Society; International Health; Materials Science and Engineering; Mechanical Engineering; Pharmacology and Molecular Sciences; Physics and Astronomy; and Physiology and Brain Sciences.

Given the breadth of fields represented by JHU faculty, WISE students have the opportunity to be matched with a faculty member who will introduce them to diverse disciplines and to gain a real-world understanding of the ever-melding, trans-disciplinary nature of modern science.

It's your time for WISE, now or next year:

Garrison Forest juniors and seniors typically apply each spring for enrollment in WISE in conjunction with the course registration process. GFS also welcomes applicants from beyond GFS; these students are encouraged to apply by April 8 of the year preceding their WISE year. Applicants from GFS and from other schools may apply at any time to be considered for placement if space is available. Participants selected for the program may opt to live on campus in GFS residence halls for their trimesters in the program contingent upon space availability. WISE residential students will enjoy a living-learning community at GFS that enhances their science experience and provides them with 24/7 faculty support and the distinctive educational experience of residential living.