The Garrison Forest Riding Program welcomes riders with any amount of experience. The primary focus of the Riding Program is Hunter Seat Equitation. Students participate in horse shows at the local and upper levels, including A shows. Show-Jumping and Eventing also are offered on a limited basis. The aim is to teach girls to become self-sufficient riders and to do all of their own tacking up, grooming, and preparation for competition and daily riding.

Riders may choose from the following programs:

Competitive Riding

Students who have achieved a basic competence over fences and on the flat but wish to refine their skills, take part in the competitive side of riding, competing in unrecognized and A-rated shows. They may also compete locally in hunter trials and hunter paces.

Riders have the opportunity to be considered for the GFS Equitation Team once they have completed Sixth Grade. Team members are part of the Interscholastic Equestrian Association and compete nationally. Our Upper and Middle School riders have earned national recognition by bringing home multiple wins from the IEA National Finals.

Advanced Riding

Highly experienced riders concentrate on perfecting their equitation, hunter, and jumper skills.

Intermediate Riding

Riders continue to review the fundamentals of position and control. Working on the flat, emphasizing lateral and longitudinal control, and working over fences, students develop the ability to analyze and ride a course of jumps.

Beginning Riding

Students may start their instruction on the fundamentals of riding and horse care at any point in the Upper School.

Horse riding

Riding Forms

All required forms for Garrison Forest students to participate in the Riding program may be found in School Forms under the Parents tab.

For forms for students in K-5th Grade, click here. Riding forms are under "Activities."

For forms for students in Middle School, click here. Riding forms are under "Other Forms."

For forms for students in Upper School, click here:  and go to "Other Forms." (the Riding forms are the same for day and boarding students.)