Varsity Polo - Winter

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Season Record: 6-1

Team Schedule

Home games are in bold

Date Opponent   Start Info
12/17 Cornell Interscholastic Team Away 6:30pm 21-14 W
1/6 Colorado State Alumnae (Scrimmage) Home 4:00pm 10-4 W
1/21 University of Connecticut (Scrimmage) Away 5:00pm    
1/22 University of Conn. Interscholastic Team (Scrimmage) Away 11:00am    
1/27 Collegiate Polo All-Stars (Scrimmage) Home 4:00pm 16-12 W
2/3 Cornell University Away 6:00pm 15-12 W
2/10 Colorado State University Home 4:00pm 19-17 W
2/12 Harvard University Home 7:00pm 18-8 W
2/24 University of Virginia Away 6:00pm 19-18 W
2/26 Work to Ride (Scrimmage) Home 4:00pm 22-19 W
3/1 Toronto (Tournament) Away (University of Virginia) 12:00pm 28-7 W
3/3 Cornell Interscholastic Team (Tournament) Away (University of Virginia) 12:00pm 17-18 L
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