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Sarah Hill ’13 Honored by AmeriCorps

Posted: August 27, 2012

On August 24, AmeriCorps presented Sarah Hill ’13 with an AmeriCorps Education Award for her 300 hours of volunteer service at Baltimore’s Charm City Clinic. This past summer, Sarah had an internship at Charm City Clinic, a partner organization with AmeriCorps through CivicWorks, Baltimore's Service Corps and local home of the AmeriCorps and VISTA programs. Charm City Clinic is a healthcare clinic assisting underserved city residents with healthcare access, weekly health screenings and home visits.

Sarah is the first high school student to intern at Charm City Clinic and its first AmeriCorps award recipient. The award includes membership in AmeriCorps, a certificate and $1,400 toward college expenses.

During her six-day-a-week schedule (screening clinics are held on Saturdays), Sarah was responsible for patient contact to encourage screening attendance, patient check-in and follow-up at screening clinic, attending home visits and performing other routine tasks. Her summer-long focus was creating a database of all 450 Charm City patients to chart the successes and failures of each patient gaining access to needed healthcare and insurance. Sarah plans to continue to volunteer at the clinic throughout the year.

Sarah’s interest in public health was inspired by her role as a health advocate. At age ten, she co-founded the Kids Uveitis Research and Education (K.U.R.E.) foundation in an effort to end blindness in children with Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis, Uveitis (JIA Uveitis) through research and educational outreach to patients and their families and to the medical community. Sarah was diagnosed as a young child with JIA Uveitis. Last May, she and her GFS organized a dodge ball tournament at GFS for K.U.R.E. and raised more than $1,000. Visit for more information about JIA Uveitis.

In summer 2011, as a Garrison Forest Jenkins Fellow, Sarah traveled to the Dominican Republic with Dr. Sarah Stewart de Ramirez of Johns Hopkins Hospital to provide health services to children with HIV/AIDS, an experience she shared with Garrison Forest through campus presentations. While her Jenkins Fellowship gave her a view of HIV/AIDS in an international setting, her internship with Charm City Clinic introduced Sarah to the challenges people in Baltimore have in getting the healthcare they need. She was particularly struck by the difficulties faced by working families who are not insured and have some income (but not enough) to get healthcare or insurance.

Sarah, a GFS senior, hopes to combine her love of Latin with her passion for public health by majoring in the Classics and Public Health next fall when she begins college.

Congratulations, Sarah, on your award.