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Author Sara Pennypacker Visits GFS

On May 1, Sara Pennypacker, author of beloved children's books such as Pax, The Clementine Series, Sparrow Girl, Meet the Dullards and Summer of the Gypsy Moths, visited with Lower and Middle School students in grades 1 - 6. Ms. Pennypacker spoke with the students about reading, writing and all things books.

During her visit, Ms. Pennypacker talked about what it is like to be an author and how she enjoys being able to choose where she writes and finding the place that she feels most creative. She encouraged the girls to continue to write and to fill up their stories with things they are passionate about, regardless of whether their feelings about the topics are love, hate or curiosity. She explained that feeling strongly about a topic helps the feelings come out in the story and gives the writer the "juice to do the hard work of writing." She also encouraged the girls to continue to daydream and to think about things that don't exist to help them create stories.

The girls have already begun to read some of Ms. Pennypacker's books at school, and had the opportunity after her talk to have their books signed. The students and faculty were so excited to hear such a talented author share her insight and experiences.


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