Community Life and Inclusion

Garrison Forest School’s Office of Community Life and Inclusion cultivates and maintains a welcoming climate on campus for all to be appreciated and accepted for who they are, as they are. A welcoming atmosphere on campus is the optimal environment for the school community to grow and learn together. By ensuring that multicultural perspectives are integrated into all that we do, we create a rich learning community for all students. Our curriculum, co-curricular activities, and community involvement reflect the beautiful diversity not only of our students, faculty and families, but of the world around them.


Inclusion, Identity and Belonging at Garrison Forest

When students, faculty, and families learn amidst a variety of perspectives and viewpoints, learning and growth is accelerated. Students learn the critical 21st century skills of critical thinking and collaboration by working in diverse groups to solve problems. Learning in diverse environments encourages young people to build empathy, broaden their perspectives and think outside the box. When students, faculty, and families bring our full selves into the classroom, we all benefit tremendously from the multitude of experiences, histories, cultures and stories that surround us.

We ensure that our curriculum and co-curricular activities are inclusive, and we support all of our student in exploring various aspects of their identities. We build connection and understanding across difference in all of our divisions and among students, faculty, staff, parents and the broader community. We support the recruitment and retention of diverse students, faculty and families. We have a Dialogue Across Difference program to host and train faculty and students to host community conversations on the intersections of race, gender, class, sexuality and more. Our office also coordinates the following affinity and cultural groups:

  • Sisters in Unity - an affinity group for students of color in the Middle School
  • Students of Color affinity group in the Upper School
  • Jewish Students affinity group in the Upper School
  • Future First Generation College Students affinity group in the Upper School
  • Student Diversity Leadership Council
  • Black Student Association
  • Asian Student Association
  • Jewish Students Association
  • Gender Spectrum Alliance
  • Faculty of Color affinity group
  • Parents of Color Affinity group

Resources for Parents and Students