Vaccine Documentation Upload

As we continue evaluating how COVID-19 vaccinations may impact our ability to ease some restrictions, it is helpful to have proper documentation. If you child has received their COVID-19 vaccine, please refer to the steps below to upload documentation into their Magnus Health account. As with any sensitive medical information, we are not able to upload this information for you. 

To upload your child's proof of vaccination:

  • Access your child's Magnus Health account via the Magnus Health app or by logging into the GFS parent portal at and clicking the bottom link to log into Magnus Health. 
  • Select Student Health Tracker. On the app, this is in the lower left hand corner.  
  • Find the requirement labeled Immunization Form (screenshot is from the app: NOTE: You may need to answer several required conditional questions before you get to this screen.)
  • Tap on the header on the app or click Edit on the website. Be sure you are tapping in the box, NOT on the blue link.
  • On the next screen:
    • On the app, you will select Add Files and then Continue.


  • On the website, you will select Yes, continue; on the next screen, select Yes, Submit.
  • Upload a jpg or PDF of your child's COVID-19 documentation:
    • On the app, select Add File, then follow prompts to take a photo or add a file from your photo library.



  • On the website, select Upload and then Choose File to locate the file on your computer.
  • Submit the documentation:
    • On the app, ensure there is an orange circle with a check mark next to your file name, then click Submit.


  • On the website, once your file is selected, click Upload Files