Garrison Forest empowers students to realize their full potential and live lives of purpose.

Garrison Forest School


Heads of Garrison Forest School

1910-1929 Mary Moncrieffe Livingston, founder

1929-1960 Jean G. Marshall

1929-1960 Nancy J. Offutt

1960-1968 Archibald R. Montgomery III

1968-1978 Lawrence L. Hlavacek

1978-1989 Agnes C. Underwood

1989-1990 Alexander A. Uhle

1990-1994 Elsa M. Bowman

1994-2014 G. Peter O’Neill, Jr.

2014-2017 Kimberley J. Roberts, Ph.D.

2017-2018 Lila Boyce Lohr '63

2018-Present Christopher A. Hughes