Meet our Faculty and Staff


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Jenny Schwartz

Titles: Director of Polo, Polo Coach

Elizabeth Segelken

Titles: Science Teacher

Caitlin Selzer

Titles: Upper School Art Teacher

Leslie Shaffer

Titles: Assistant Director of Admission

Elizabeth Shaw

Titles: Preschool Teacher

Meredith Sheehan

Titles: Development Associate

Christine Shriver

Titles: Digital Learning Specialist

Virginia Shriver

Titles: Assistant Director of Riding

China Siegel

Titles: Accountant

Melvin Smith II

Titles: Upper School Digital Learning Specialist, Computer Science Instructor

Angie Sokolov

Titles: Preschool Teacher- Art and Music

Samantha Spiegel

Titles: Science Teacher

Jennifer Stapleton

Titles: Fifth Grade Teacher

Bryna Stoute

Titles: Preschool Teacher

Elizabeth Stroud

Titles: Lower School Spanish Teacher, Residential Life Faculty

Ashby Thoeni

Titles: Curriculum Specialist

Crystal Tung

Titles: Chinese Teacher

Erin Viana

Titles: Fourth Grade Teacher

Amy Wagner

Titles: Associate Preschool Teacher

Adam Wassel

Titles: Upper School History Teacher, Residential Life Faculty

Carly Wassel

Titles: English Teacher

Amy Welling

Titles: Second Grade Teacher

Aminah Wells

Titles: Counselor

Celia Whitcomb

Titles: GFS Riding Instructor

Jennifer Yapsuga

Titles: Upper School Math

Diane Yu

Titles: Art Teacher - Chair, Residential Life

Karen Zinkhan

Titles: Riding Instructor
< 1 3 4 5 showing 121 - 148 of 148 constituents