Garrison Forest empowers students to realize their full potential and live lives of purpose.

Garrison Forest School

Meet our Faculty and Staff


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Laura Cline

Titles: Physical Education Teacher

Catharine Corbin '00

Titles: History Teacher- Chair

Shondra Cowling

Titles: Counselor

Gertrude Cox

Titles: Science Teacher

Stacey Coyne

Titles: Administrative Assistant Development

Allan Dale

Titles: Director of Campus Safety and Security

Sophia Daly '07

Titles: Nurse

Traci Davis

Titles: Athletic Director

Scott Dignon

Titles: Director of Housekeeping

Meisha Dockett

Titles: Human Resources Manager

Lillian Donovan

Titles: Admissions Assistant

Barbara Doy

Titles: Athletic Trainer

Pamela Earle-Jackson

Titles: Assistant to the Director of Finance and Operations

William Edmunds

Titles: Science Teacher

Earl Ely

Titles: Director of Facilities

Lisa Fleck

Titles: Director of Counseling

Virginia Flynn

Titles: Music Teacher

Elizabeth Fraker

Titles: Preschool Lead Teacher

Suzanne Friedrich

Titles: Physical Education Teacher

Marion Fulford

Titles: Pre-Kindergarten Teacher

Deanna Gamber '85

Titles: Associate Head of School

Catie Gibbons

Titles: Senior Associate Director of Admission

Jennifer Glose

Titles: Administrative Assistant

Leslie Goldstein

Titles: Kindergarten

Christine Grant

Titles: Academic Resource Coordinator

Alison Greer

Titles: Director of Admission

Vanessa Griffin

Titles: Executive Assistant to the Head of School

Chanda Grimes

Titles: Director of Health Center

Kate Gugerty

Titles: Director of Community and Engagement

Leigh Hall '81

Titles: Physical Education Teacher
< 1 2 3 4 6 > showing 31 - 60 of 160 constituents