Garrison Forest empowers students to realize their full potential and live lives of purpose.

Garrison Forest School

Meet our Faculty and Staff


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Joyce Peichert

Titles: Associate Preschool Teacher

Andrea Perry

Titles: Dean of Special Programs, Director of James Center

Tracy Pohlhaus

Titles: Third Grade Teacher

Sanford Racher

Titles: Private Music Instructor

Chelsea Renner

Titles: Stables

Susan Richards

Titles: Nurse

Karin Riesenfeld

Titles: Math Teacher- Chair

Yoani Rios

Titles: Spanish Teacher

Alma Rodriguez

Titles: Spanish Teacher

Jamie Roeder

Titles: Director of Early Childhood Education

Eileen Rome

Titles: Book Store Assistant

Korey Rosenbaum

Titles: Art, Lower and Middle School

Tara Rosenbaum

Titles: Director of Auxiliary Facilities Usage

Debbie Ruark

Titles: Plant Coordinator

Sarah Sachs

Titles: Art Teacher

Keri Sackey

Titles: Associate Preschool Teacher

Shannon Schmidt

Titles: Academic Resources Coordinator

Karen Schuster

Titles: Book Store Manager

Jenny Schwartz

Titles: Director of Polo, Polo Coach

Dana Scott

Titles: Music Teacher

Elizabeth Segelken

Titles: Science Teacher

Elizabeth Shaw

Titles: Preschool Teacher

Christine Shriver

Titles: Digital Learning Specialist

China Slavin

Titles: Accountant

Maria Smith

Titles: French Teacher

Scott Snyder

Titles: History Teacher

Angie Sokolov

Titles: Preschool Teacher- Art and Music

Samantha Spiegel

Titles: Science Teacher

Jennifer Stapleton

Titles: Fifth Grade Teacher
< 1 3 4 5 6 > showing 121 - 150 of 167 constituents