Garrison Forest School

Athletics Reopening Details

Garrison Forest Athletics has developed a comprehensive plan for each stage of learning we might find ourselves in for this academic year.  We are able to offer a broad range of athletic options for virtual and in-person instruction.  The goal is to effectively serve students who might be required to do virtual learning for various reasons, as well as the student who would benefit greatly from the social interactions within in-person instruction. Garrison’s athletic administration and coaches remain committed to the mental, social, and physical well-being of our student-athletes.

Safety Precautions and Protocols

Requirements for Participation and Assumption of Risk

In order to participate in on-campus athletics, students and parents must do the following: 

Continued participation in the program will be based on a student's and family's ability to adhere to the guidance and restrictions outlined here and in any follow-up communications from the school. 

Assumption of risk: Our team has worked very hard to minimize the risk and follow all health guidelines to ensure a safe and fun experience while on campus; however, any in-person activities will bring a certain amount of risk. You and your child will be agreeing to accept that liability by participating in these programs.