Fostering deep connections with students, their passions, and the world

Passionate about riding, polo, performing arts, or the environment? Our two-week residential experience programs are the perfect way for you to fully engage in what you love as you advance your knowledge and skills. With active, project-driven learning, participants will have direct access to mentor and experts in each field. The curriculums are thoughtfully crafted to include deep dives, problem solving, mentorship, career exploration, service and leadership. Outside of the hands-on academic day, participants will enjoy on and off campus activities such as swimming, yoga, bonfires, crafts, game nights and weekend field trips.
Come EXPERIENCE everything GFS has to offer!  

DATES: July 10-22

AGES: 11-17, girls

COST: $2,300
(includes boarding, meals and activities)

Environmental Stewardship (CLOSED)
Equestrian: Riding (SOLD OUT)
Equestrian: Polo (SOLD OUT)
Performing Arts


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