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Looking for a splash of fun?! Add Stay and Swim to your camp day! Stay and Swim is an afternoon option available to campers ages 6+ who are enrolled in an AM program. After lunch, campers will be shuttled to Coppermine Green Valley Swim and Tennis Club where they will enjoy an afternoon of free swim and fun outdoor games, such as basketball, ping pong, tennis and ga-ga! Campers will be shuttled back to Garrison Forest School for pick-up. 

Lifeguards and counselors will be supervising every Stay and Swim session. Campers must have previous swimming experience and more advanced swimmers have the option to take the Deep End Test on the first day of camp. Passing the Deep End Test permits campers to swim in the deep end of the pool and jump off of the diving board. Cash snack bar is available at the facility.

Price: $99 (includes lunch)

To sign up, register for an AM Summer Program and add Stay and Swim as an 'enrollment extra.' 

Sample Stay and Swim Schedule
9 AM - 12 PM: AM Summer Program
12 PM - 1PM: Lunch at GFS
1 PM - 1:30 PM: Shuttle to Coppermine Green Valley and change into swim gear
1:30 PM - 3:30 PM: Swim and outdoor play time
3:30 PM - 4  PM: Change into dry clothes and shuttle back to GFS
4 PM: Pick up at GFS