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Building on our commitment to nurture the whole student and recognize each student’s individual brilliance, the Amabel Boyce '70 Center for Learning and Thriving was founded on the idea that students—and especially girls—learn best when:

  • their academic and social-emotional needs are met throughout the evolution of their learning journey;
  • support and enrichment is proactive, intentional and meaningful;
  • they are seen and valued as individuals.

The Boyce Center unites our already-strong Academic Resource, Counseling and Health Center teams to create an approach to learning that gives each girl her very best opportunity to learn and truly thrive—here and beyond our campus. At its core is a commitment to research-based best practices in learning for girls and cross-campus collaboration that will create a tailored experience meeting each student’s needs.

In addition to providing an elevated learning experience for all students, the Boyce Center will serve as a resource for teachers, providing support for differentiation and innovation. At its outset, the Boyce Center will provide additional personnel, including a Center director, a math specialist and a reading specialist. 

With the Boyce Center as the hub, GFS aims to:

  • Create a vital link between academic success, mental/emotional well-being and physical health.
  • Provide comprehensive learning support for individual or groups of students through our robust Academic Resource program.
  • Provide structure and clarity around academic enrichment opportunities for all students.
  • Instill and hone important “soft skills” like communication, public speaking, collaboration and empathy that will serve all students here and beyond GFS.
  • Build resiliency, proactive wellness and long-term well-being. 

Watch this space for more information as the Boyce Center takes shape!

The Boyce Center for Learning and Thriving is located on the first floor of McLennan Library. 

Director of the Boyce Center for Learning and Thriving: Shannon Schmidt

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Prior to coming on board as the inaugural Director of the Boyce Center for Learning and Thriving, Shannon served as the Head of the GFS Middle School for five years and before that, served as the GFS Middle School Curriculum and Academic Resource Coordinator. She has been a member of our Residential Life community for five years.  While Shannon brings a deep knowledge and understanding of GFS to this role, she also brings an unflappable enthusiasm, strong sense of collaborative leadership and an inspiring vision for how the Boyce Center can truly elevate the experience of every student on our campus.