Coed Preschool

The Preschool at Garrison Forest is a truly special place. The education and professionalism of the teachers, the amazing 110 acre campus and classroom facilities, the strong curriculum and the range of schedules designed to suit the needs of our families, are all contributing factors. Our unique position as one division of a school that extends through Lower School and Middle School to an excellent college preparatory Upper School means we can offer an educational program for young children that takes full advantage of the richness of the school as a whole, particularly as it applies to curriculum and facilities.

The classroom teachers’ language arts and math programs, the music, art, Spanish, library, science and Imagineering classes and the physical development that’s supported in physical education classes, all enrich the lives of our Preschool students. More importantly, when a teacher welcomes her students with a hug in the morning, when a Pre-K student helps a two year old on the playground, when children applaud the accomplishments of their classmates, the development of each and every student is being nurtured in a way that honors individual needs and celebrates the joy of learning that we find in each of our students.

We hope you’ll come see the day-to-day for yourself, come see how one hug, one helpful gesture and one cheer come together to build the relationships that make the Preschool at Garrison Forest an experience like no other.


Our Program

Just as each child is unique, so too is our Preschool program. It is a singular beginning to a more formal education.


We welcome your inquiries and visit. Schedule a tour and visit at your convenience.

Jamie Roeder, Director of Early Childhood Education
(410) 559-3220


Cindy Isenhour, Preschool Administrative Assistant
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