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At Garrison Forest we realize that joining our community is an investment in your daughter’s future. Financial aid affirms our commitment to help make a Garrison Forest education available regardless of a student’s economic means by bridging the gap between what a family can pay and the cost of tuition.

Garrison Forest’s need-based program provides financial aid to qualified families. The Financial Aid program, which begins in Kindergarten, has a limited budget. While the school cannot guarantee aid, we strive to provide aid to the widest socioeconomic range of students our funds can afford.

Garrison Forest uses FACTS Management Systems, which helps independent schools across the country determine the need of a family. In reviewing each application for aid, the Financial Aid Committee considers both the FACTS recommendation and any additional financial information the family is asked to provide, including the family’s other children, additional dependents, all sources of income, priority of spending, debts and expenses.

Financial Aid Guidelines

Financial aid applications are emailed to families who have expressed an interest in applying for aid in late October and should be filed with Garrison Forest and FACTS no later than December 13, 2019. Failure to submit information by the deadlines will delay processing and possibly jeopardize any award for which a family may qualify.

  • All information submitted is kept in the strictest confidence. In turn, we expect families to exercise discretion while in the financial aid process. A financial aid decision is confidential between the school and family and vice versa.
  • Financial aid is available in grades K-12 with priority to returning students whose applications are submitted by the appropriate deadline. The largest percentage of assistance is given in Grades 9-12.
  • Families must apply for financial aid every year. Receipt of an award for one year does not guarantee receipt of an award for every year.
  • Tuition accounts for currently enrolled students must be in good standing with the Business Office to receive a financial aid award. All families are required to meet payment schedules under the terms of the enrollment agreement. Accepted sibling applicants of current students will not be awarded financial aid or issued an enrollment agreement unless the current siblings account is up to date.
  • Awards will not be considered unless complete financial information is received from both parents. In the case of parents separated, divorced, or never married, both parents are required to fully complete the financial aid application. It is expected that both parents and appropriate stepparents contribute to the cost of the student’s tuition and fees regardless of legal agreements. The Financial Aid Committee does not feel bound by the assertion that one parent disclaims responsibility for educational expenses.
  • If a family has children over the age of six, it is expected that both parents will be employed. If one parent chooses not to work, a full time income at minimum wage will be imputed to that parent for the purposes of awards calculation.
  • Families who qualify for Financial Aid will receive financial assistance toward the purchase of a laptop PC. This grant will only be offered during the year a student is required to purchase a laptop. Qualified families with students entering Garrison in the Eighth Grade will be able to lease their laptops. A grant will be offered when the student enters Ninth Grade if the family still qualifies for assistance.
  • In the event of a positive change in financial circumstances, families receiving aid must notify the Financial Aid Office for the purpose of recalculation. A release of funds from one family will enable another in the Garrison Forest community to be served.


Forms and Instructions

Covered Expenses

The following list details what expenses are not included in the scope of the Financial Aid program:

  • Textbooks and Supplies
  • School Uniforms
  • Lunch
  • Activity Fees
  • Parent Association Dues
  • Athletic Fees
  • Art Fees
  • Instrumental Music and Voice Lesson Fees
  • Riding Fees
  • Purchases at the School Store or “O'zone” Cafe
  • Daily bus transportation
  • Optional travel or GFS abroad trips
  • Driver’s Education
  • Other miscellaneous incidentals
  • Contact

    Phone: (410) 559-3111

    Fax: (410) 363-8441


    Office Hours:

    8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. during the academic school year

    9 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. during summer months and holidays

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