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Financial Aid FAQ

Who determines what my family's assistance will be?

Garrison Forest's Financial Aid Committee reviews your application in conjunction with the School's budget to determine each family's eligibility.

What is the range of aid that is given?

Garrison Forest School financial aid awards range from a small percentage to nearly two-thirds of the tuition. All families will pay some tuition.

Do I have to reapply each year for Financial Aid?

Yes. Each student's need is recalculated annually.

What kind of financial aid awards can my family expect in following years?

Any student to whom financial aid is awarded can expect that similar aid will continue as long as she remains in good academic and disciplinary standing, her family continues to demonstrate need and is not in financial arrears, and all required documentation is received by the School by the stated deadlines.

Are girls ever asked to take jobs at Garrison Forest School to help pay for their education?

No. The identity of the girls receiving financial aid is confidential.

Are there any merit awards available at Garrison Forest School to applicants?

All of the financial aid awards are based on financial need.

Will applying for financial aid have an impact on the admissions decision for my daughter?

No. The Admissions Committee does not consider who is applying for financial aid and the financial aid decisions are made after a student has been chosen for acceptance.

Garrison Forest School believes that a family's financial situation should not prevent a student from applying to or attending the School. Any student may apply for financial aid, whether day or residential, beginning with Kindergarten, and it is not a factor in admission decisions. Garrison Forest School is fully committed to a need-blind admission policy and to socio-economic diversity within the School community. Because financial assistance information is held in strict confidence, members of our community do not know who is receiving assistance.

Does the financial aid award cover books and school trips or other costs beyond tuition?

No. The financial aid award covers the cost of tuition.

Extra costs which may include uniforms, music lessons, athletic fees, and books are not included.

If only one parent works outside of the home, will the student be considered for financial aid?

Garrison Forest School recognizes that families have the freedom and the responsibility to make choices regarding their financial status. However, if only one parent works outside of the home, the Financial Aid Committee will add to the income of the family. An exception to this policy might occur if the parent at home is caring for a preschool-aged child, a child with a disability, a seriously ill child, parent or grandparent, or if there are other special circumstances. Please make this known to the Financial Aid Committee in writing when applying for financial aid. As stated, it is our expectation that once all children are school age, all parents will work full time.

If one or both parents decide to attend graduate school, how will that decision impact the financial aid award?

The Financial Aid Committee would expect that the parent enrolled in graduate school will continue to earn income and has arranged to fund his or her education without depending heavily on family resources. If a parent chooses to attend school full time, and is thus unemployed, the Financial Aid Committee will add to the income of the family.

If I am single, divorced, or no longer living with my daughter's other parent, what information will the Financial Aid Committee require in order to determine an award?

Each situation is unique and will be handled on an individual basis. However, the Financial Aid Committee expects that both parents will contribute financially to their daughter's tuition. Your daughter's other parent would be expected to submit a completed FACTS Grant and Aid Application to FACTS, as well as all of the required documentation to Garrison's Financial Aid Office in order for us to gain a realistic picture of the family resources.

If the custodial parent has not heard from the non-custodial parent for a period of time to be determined by the Financial Aid Committee, forms may not be required. However, a letter of verification from a third party (minister, attorney, social worker, etc.) will be required.

If I am living with someone who is not my daughter's biological parent or I am remarried, how will the Financial Aid Committee review my daughter's file?

In this situation, we will require financial information from all adults involved in the applicant's life.

If my daughter lives with her guardians, what information will the Financial Aid Committee require?

Children who are living with guardians will be reviewed on an individual basis. However, if the parents are still living and are claiming their daughter on their tax return, the parents and guardians must complete the FACTS Grant and Aid Application and submit it to FACTS. If other family members have custody, they must also complete the FACTS application. The Financial Aid Committee will also need copies of proof of custody.

What if I have more than one child attending a tuition charging school?

Families must apply for aid at each school their children attend. If another school has a lower tuition, the additional funds should be used toward the tuition at Garrison Forest School. If two children are given financial aid and only one decides to attend, the financial aid amount given to the family will decrease. Copies of awards from other schools must be submitted.

What if I have business and rental properties?

All businesses and property reported on a family's income taxes will be considered. Any income from businesses or properties will be included in a family's income. Depreciation from businesses and properties is rolled back as income.

How are students assets, trusts and college funds considered?

Savings, investments, trust funds, 529 funds or other assets in a student's name or held for a student for any reason, or restricted in any way, are considered available resources for use in funding a student's education. Student assets will be equally distributed over their years at Garrison Forest School plus four years of undergraduate education. College funds established by any family member for the student are considered as assets available for educational purposes including tuition at Garrison Forest School.

What about any unusual expenses? (may not exceed $20,000)

Documentation for any indicated unusual expenses must be provided. The school will determine the amount that will be considered in the unusual expenses category in formulating the financial aid award.

When will I find out how much I will be awarded?

If all of your tax documents have been received by the stated deadlines, we will be able to advise new families of our financial aid award decisions with their acceptance letter. Returning families who have completed the financial aid process will receive their award letter with their re-enrollment contract. If we have not received all of the necessary information by the stated deadlines, your daughter's financial aid award may be in jeopardy and your family will be placed in a waiting pool for further consideration.

Is there a Financial Aid waiting list?

Yes. Garrison Forest School will have more students who qualify for financial aid than the school has the ability to fund. Therefore, the School maintains a financial aid waiting list in the event that funds become available.

I still have questions regarding the application process for financial aid. Whom should I contact?

The Financial Aid Office at 410-559-3112.


Phone: (410) 559-3111

Fax: (410) 363-8441


Office Hours:

8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. during the academic school year

9 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. during summer months and holidays