Garrison Forest empowers students to realize their full potential and live lives of purpose.

Garrison Forest School


Spending time on our campus is the best way to experience all that Garrison Forest has offer. We invite you to schedule a "Garrison Getaway" and stay overnight if you are interested in our boarding program. 

Schedule a Tour
We're so excited to see you on our campus! Give us a call at 410-559-3111 or email us at to set up your visit. If you prefer to set up your visit online, please set up a visit in our online system, Ravenna. Click here to plan your visit. 

Your visit will begin with a family tour of our beautiful 110-acre campus, introducing you to our students and teachers, and learning more about your interests. 

In addition to the campus tour noted above, students will also have the opportunity to spend the day with a peer in class and have one-on-one time with students, teachers and experience a day in the life of a Garrison Girl. 

For students considering our boarding program in grades 8-12, you have the option of spending the night with us! When registering in Ravenna, please select a "Garrison Getaway" to experience a night in the dorms as well as time in our classes!    

Connect with Current Parents
Chatting with current GFS parents and learning more about their experience is a great way to get a sense of how your daughter may thrive here. Connect with current parents in just a click to ask any questions you may have. Note that conversations are private between our parent volunteers and you, so feel free to ask anything you want to know!

Meet Current Parents


Phone: (410) 559-3111

Fax: (410) 363-8441


Office Hours:

8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. during the academic school year

9 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. during summer months and holidays

What does the research show?

Subtracting boys from a girl’s school environment simply adds up to many more opportunities—and better learning—for the girls.

Nearly 80% of girls’ schools students report most of their classes challenge them to achieve their full academic potential vs. 72.3% of girls at coed independent and 44.3% at coed public schools.- Dr. Richard A. Holmgren, Allegheny College, ‘Steeped in Learning: the Students Experience at All-Girls Schools

More positive academic and behavioral interactions [were observed] between teachers and students in the single-sex schools than in comparison to coed schools.- U.S. Department of Education, “Early Implementation of Public Single-Sex Schools: Perceptions and Characteristics.”

93% of girls’ school grads say they were offered greater leadership opportunities than peers at coed schools and 80% have held leadership positions since graduating from high school.- Goodman Research Group, “The Girls’ School Experience: A Survey of Young Alumnae of Single-Sex Schools”

Compared to coed peers, girls’ school grads are 3 times more likely to consider engineering careers.

Nearly 50% of all women graduating from girls’ schools rate their public speaking ability as high vs. 38% from coed schools.

Dr. Linda Sax, UCLA, “Women Graduates of Single-Sex and Coeducational High Schools: Difference in their Characteristics and the Transition to College”

Want to learn more? Visit the National Coalition of Girls Schools.