Three Questions with Freddy Savage Shaw '69


Freddy Savage Shaw '69

What is your favorite GFS memory?
I loved the influx of Boarders we got in the ninth grade, and it added a whole new spark to our diverse class. Then in tenth grade, there were even more wonderful friends to make and we were off as a class! It was great being a day student and being able to come home and go out on the weekends, but it was also great for the Boarders to come to our house. There were nights I spent at school as well, after late sports or play memorable one sleeping in the cupboard above the door in a Meadowood dorm room with the housemother checking in right below me!

What’s the most important lesson you learned from Garrison Forest?
There is nothing quite like being a member of a team, singing in the Ragged Robins, having a part in Music Club plays, quaking while speaking in front of Mrs. Boyd's French class, cheering at games, doing skits at prayers, knowing the LIGHTS were the best, making lifelong friends and being a part of that wonderful place that was and is our school.

What is your favorite thing about your career?
I have worked in floral design and arranging for nearly 30 years. It is wonderful work, giving people pleasure at the happiest, or sometimes saddest times in their lives, and it is rewarding to be involved in their celebrations.


Freddy Savage Shaw '69 has been a master floral designer for nearly 30 years. She was a Co-Chair of her 50th Reunion and is currently a member of the GFS Alumnae Board. She is the parent of  Liza Shaw '95 and sister of Mandy Savage Mahoney '67.