Three Questions with Lila Boyce Lohr '63

For what in your life do you feel most grateful?

As a GFS student debating whether to be an attorney or a back up rock & roll star, I never babysat & never gave a thought about being a teacher. I am incredibly grateful that I was in some way “called “ to do the important, challenging and rewarding work of keeping school.

What is your favorite GFS memory?

Playing on the hockey team, which I loved and where I learned so much, enveloped in the aroma of cinnamon from the nearby McCormick spice factory!

What is your proudest professional accomplishment?

I learned how to acclimate rapidly enough to help lead 10 different independent schools, each with its own culture, strengths and challenges.


In July 2017, Lila Boyce Lohr '63 returned to GFS to serve as Interim Head of School during the search for the School's 12th Head. She is a highly regarded independent school educator and dynamic leader, as well as a highly sought after Interim Head from coast to coast. Lila received a BA from Vassar College and and M.Ed. in Education from Goucher College. Currently, she is the Interim Head of School at St. Catherine’s in Richmond, Virginia. Lila is a past President of the Garrison Forest Board of Trustees and currently serves as a Board member. In 2019, our new dormitory, Lila Boyce Lohr Hall, was named in her honor.