GFS Alumnae-Staff Spotlight: Liza Blue '10

Highlighting Members of Our Community Who Are True Blue

Liza Blue '10 currently works as the Assistant Director of External Programs at Garrison Forest School.

Liza shares: "One of my favorite memories at GFS took place on the basketball court with the one and only Mr. Burns. As the Varsity basketball coach, Mr. Burns was a stickler for proper shooting form and at the end of each practice, we would work on perfecting our foul shots. He threw out a challenge: anyone that made more foul shots in a row than their age would earn a prize. One day after weeks of trying, the stars aligned and I made 19 foul shots in a row, which was enough to beat my age at the time. Mr. Burns showed up the next day with my prize: a basketball cake with the #19 written on it. Something I'll truly never forget!"