GFS Alumnae-Staff Spotlight: Nancy Press Sloboda '87

Highlighting Members of Our Community Who Are True Blue

Nancy Press Sloboda '87 currently works as the Daycare Director at Garrison Forest School.

Nancy shares: "There are many reasons why I loved being a student at GFS. Among my favorite memories are the amazing faculty I had the privilege to learn with.

One special memory is of Winifred McDowell. When it came time to dissect animals I had an ethical problem with the dissections. The idea made me sad (I had just joined PETA) and a bit nauseous.

Ms. McDowell did not try to change my point of view. She looked for other options and found a computer program that simulated a dissection (in 1986!). She allowed me to learn virtually, and the system worked well for me.

Being a student at GFS was a special time in my life and I am grateful to still be part of this community."