Marjorie "Marty" Moss-Coane '67 GFS Hall of Excellence Inductee

For more than three decades, Marty has been the host and executive producer of Radio Times on National Public Radio (WHYY) in Philadelphia. She began her award-winning career in broadcasting with Voices in the Family, a psychology call-in program that she created and produced based on her experiences as a school counselor and mental health crisis manager in Philadelphia. Marty has also been a substitute host for the national program Fresh Air with Terry Gross. Her balanced, thought-provoking approach to hosting has earned her numerous awards including the 2016 Lucretia Mott Award and a Pennsylvania Associated Press Broadcasters Association award for Excellence in Public Affairs. Marty received her B.A. in Liberal Arts from Temple University. Marty was inducted into the GFS Hall of Excellence in 2017.