Garrison Forest School offers several opportunities for students in each division to explore theater and enhance artistic self-expression.


Preschool and Lower School

Children from the Three-Year-Old Program through 5th Grade enjoy opportunities for classroom performances at class plays and events. Preschool students from the Three's class and the Pre-K showcase their talent in an annual spring play which is performed in Garland Theater. Students in the Lower School (Kindergarten - 5th Grade) perform in class plays and other culminating events for parents and other members of the Garrison Forest community.

Middle School

During 7th and 8th Grade, every student takes one semester of drama culminating in the end-of-semester Middle School Arts Gala, which showcases student work. Students may also audition for the Middle School musical, held each February in Garland Theater.

Upper School

Upper School students may choose from several theater classes, which include monologue, ensemble and directing workshops to studying a production from lighting design and set construction. The audition-based productions offer opportunities for students at every experience level. Students interested in technical theater build, run and design shows on state-of-the-art lighting and sound equipment. Held every spring and fall, the School’s Main Stage productions take place in Garland Theater, a proscenium thrust stage.