Take the reins and discover how far you can go.

Are you passionate about horses? Do you love to ride? At Garrison Forest, you may choose from several equestrian programs to match your interest and skill, whether you are a beginner or a veteran competitor. Our program will teach you to push past any obstacle, in the arena, on the field and in life.

For over 100 years, GFS riders have been learning self-confidence, improving their skills, having fun and making friends through our nationally recognized equestrian programs. The program offers seamless transition from beginner to advanced levels through small classes taught by caring, nationally recognized faculty and an extended community of riders. Our riding program is based on Hunter Seat Equitation and includes Equitation and Hunters and Jumpers. GFS riders become self-sufficient and to do all of their own tacking up, grooming and preparation for competition and daily riding.

Riders have the opportunity to be considered for the GFS Equitation Team once they have completed 6th Grade. Team members are part of the Interscholastic Equestrian Association and compete nationally. Our Upper and Middle School riders have earned national recognition by bringing home multiple wins from the Interscholastic Equestrian Association (IEA) National Finals.

Beginning in grade 6, students may join the brand new Garrison Forest Equestrian Institute. Visit the Equestrian Institute page for more information. 

"I love riding at Garrison Forest because of all the great opportunities we're offered to travel across the country to horse shows. It's so much fun to travel with all of my friends to different show grounds to compete and to cheer each other on."
-- Kathryn '21

"As a Mexican boarder in the Riding program I have learned many things, not only about horses but about team spirit. GFS has been a second home for me and everyone at the barn is my family and are there to support me. I have made so many great new friends, had so many fun and challenging experiences and have improved my riding a lot."
-- Sofia '22

"At Garrison Forest, riding is about more than the horses; it is about being part of a team and a family. As a boarder, it is difficult to be away from my family in Mexico but I feel as though I have found another one with the people at the barn. I love the way they challenge you and push you to do your best. GFS Riding isn't only about riding -- it is about teamwork and that is what makes it special. I am lucky to be part of a program with the best horses, instructors, and most important, teammates."
-- Bego '22


Pony Finals

Here are the Garrison Forest results from Pony Finals.



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Rick Harris, Director of Riding

Taylor Herzog, Assistant Director of Riding