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The Garrison Forest Equestrian Institute is designed to give competitive riders the opportunity to advance their skills, expand their horsemanship knowledge and compete at a high level while enjoying the benefits and camaraderie of riding in a school program. Participation in the Equestrian Institute will combine an in-depth equestrian program with a full Garrison Forest academic curriculum uniquely customized for top riders. Students in grades 6-12 are eligible for this rigorous and personalized program that prepares girls to rise to the academic and athletic challenge of being student-riders at Garrison Forest and in college.

Sample Equestrian Institute Student Schedule


From the Director:

"A big benefit of this program is the relationship these riders develop with their horses and trainers. Riding is about personal relationships; the traveling and field trips we do helps students develop their skills as horsewomen, not just riders."
- Rick Harris, Director of Riding



Rick Harris, Director of Riding
(410) 559-3450

Taylor Herzog, Assistant Director of Riding
 (410) 559-3452

From Equestrian Institute Alumnae:

"My time with the Equestrian Institute was life-changing. The number of skills and knowledge I have gained from the Institute is far more than I can count. By spending time with my horse, trainers and friends at the barn, I have learned that riding is much more than being on the animal; it is about learning how to persevere, communicate and build connections with the animals and people in the riding community."
- Lauren Eisele '21

“In my four years at the Equestrian Institute, I progressed from exclusively showing locally, jumping 2’6, to competing at national competitions, jumping 3’6 and beyond. Besides riding itself, I’ve learned so much about time management from the weeks I’ve spent away from school at shows. It has helped me become a more organized student and person.”
- Kathryn Obrecht ‘21