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Recreational Riding

The Recreational Riding program is for students Kindergarten through 12 Grade. Designed to properly start the beginning rider, the Recreational Riding program includes lessons focusing on skill development and basic horse care, including grooming and tacking-up. Mounted and unmounted training develops a thorough base of equestrian knowledge, skills and abilities, as well as competitive edge. For continued safety and individual success of each rider, class size is limited and enrollment is on a first-come, first-served basis. Participants may compete in GFS sponsored events, where appropriate.

Costs for Upper School, Middle School and Lower School:

$525 (once/week) $1,025 (twice/week) $1,525 (three times/week)

All recreational riders may choose to ride 1-3 times/week. Upper School students who ride 3 times/week may receive Physical Education credit. Costs are based on the number of lessons per week during a season/trimester (a season is fall, winter or spring).

Lower School students ride during their already-scheduled Physical Education period. Riders must participate in GFS P.E. Riding class at least once per P.E. rotation in order to participate in afterschool riding lessons. Students are scheduled according to grade and ability and take lessons with their grade during PE. Students may participate in the Lower School Horse Show during the school year. The cost for Lower School Riding is for one lesson during P.E. and one or two additional lessons/week afterschool.

Apparel and Equipment Needed: All Recreational riders must be dressed in long pants, preferably jodhpurs, boots with a heel and have an appropriate (ASTM-approved) helmet with a harness.

Questions? Contact GFS Stables at (410) 559-3450 or

Full-Lease/Ownership Package

The Full-Lease/Ownership Package is designed for the rider who is seeking the ultimate equestrian experience—the freedom to ride as desired and a horse meeting specific criteria. This package includes board, staff care and the Competition program, plus identification and acquisition of the ideal horse for the rider, all-encompassing development of horsemanship and bond between rider and horse, and exclusive access to the horse (within barn hours).

Clients are required to use GFS vendors (vet, farrier, etc.), to be scheduled by the GFS barn manager and billed separately. Riders must read, sign and return GFS Stables Boarding Contract.

Upper School, Middle School and Lower School Cost:

$1,375/month with a six-month minimum commitment


  • 3 lessons per week (schedule set by GFS staff with flexibility offered in summer months) plus one training ride by GFS staff.
  • Lessons are scheduled Monday – Friday, 3:30 PM – 6:00 PM during the school year.
  • Board of horse
  • Staff labor and care (turn-out, feeding, blanketing, stall cleaning and maintenance)
  • Billed monthly for the upcoming month
  • Lease and/or acquisition fees not included
  • Additional charges may include horse transportation, student transportation, lodging, boarding of horse and show entry fees.
  • Coaching fees will be charged for all competitions.

Apparel and Equipment Needed:

In addition to riding clothes, helmet, boots and grooming equipment, riders are expected to have show clothes and all tack and equipment for their animal.

Missed Lesson Policy

Missed lessons must be made up within the calendar month or may be substituted for an additional training ride with 24 hours’ notice.

Questions? Contact GFS Stables at (410) 559-3450 or


One of two girls’ schools in the country to offer Polo, Garrison Forest’s program includes team and introductory (or recreational) options.

Team Polo

For the player who wants to compete on the GFS Varsity, JV and Third-Team levels of play, the Team Polo program is for new and experienced players. A solid riding base is required. Players will learn and/or improve their hitting skills, horsemanship, game sense and teamwork. Unmounted lessons and game tape review may be utilized. Players are expected to tack up and care for their mount before and after practices and games as well as working together before, during and after games to see that games run smoothly and mounts are taken care of.

Games for all teams will begin in late September and continue through the year with some travel expected. Players may plan for one, two or all three seasons (fall, winter and spring). Games may be during some evenings and weekends. Teams may also compete in tournaments, during the year, including but not limited to the USPA Girls’ Interscholastic Tournament. Participation in tournaments may require an additional entry fee. Practice is four days/week. There are no additional coaching fees for games, but Polo players who travel to a competition will share the cost of transportation and hotel costs. Enrollment is limited.

Upper School and Middle School Cost: $1,550/season

Apparel and Equipment Needed: Polo players need long pants and either paddock boots or tall boots. All polo equipment is provided.

Introductory Polo

Offered to those players (Middle School and Upper School and Lower School with instructor approval), the Introductory Polo program is for those who would like to learn the game or continue their polo with less time commitment. This program includes some game experience outside of the GFS Polo teams. Practices are Monday and Thursday afternoons or by arrangement with instructor. Enrollment is limited.

Cost: $575 (1/week/season) $1,075 (2/week/season)

Introductory Polo for Grades 4-5

Open to younger girls with coach’s approval, the introductory program for Grades 4-5 is offered once/week on Wednesdays from 5:00 PM - 6:00 PM, with a game is held at the end of trimester.

Lower School Cost: $550/season

Apparel and Equipment Needed: Polo players need long pants and either paddock boots or tall boots. All polo equipment is provided.

Questions? Contact Cindy Halle, Polo Coach, at 410-559-3452 or

Horse Shows and Events

Garrison Forest hosts several shows annually at the school’s collegiate-level D. & J. Smith Equestrian Center. Nearly every weekend GFS takes riders to a competition, including:

  • United State Equestrian Federation competitions
  • MHSA, VHSA and “A” shows
  • HITS shows in Florida, New York and New England
  • Washington International Horse Show
  • Interscholastic Equestrian Association (IEA) shows
  • Gittings Finals
  • Baltimore County Horse Show Association series

Participating in local and/or away horse shows incur additional costs, listed below. (Prices are subject to change):

  • Local and/or Away Horse Show Fees
  • Coaching at Shows: $60/day (rate will increase if less than 3 students attending show)
  • Daily Care/Grooming: $50/day for rated show; $30/day for local show. GFS groom assists in tacking and taking care of animal or GFS groom for full care at $75/day (includes load, unload, tack up, take home, etc.)
  • Trainer per diem: To be split among participating clientele
  • Tack and Feed Stall: To be split among participating clientele
  • Medications: Billed per show Showing of Horse: $60/day
  • Tack and Feed Room: To be split among participating clientele
  • Other fees may include trainer/coach travel and lodging Vanning: dependent on location
  • Entries: dependent on the show


Riding and Polo Policies

Students enrolled in the GFS Riding Program are required to attend the Opening Riding Meeting at the beginning of the school year.

Students boarding horses at the stables must ride in the Garrison Forest School Riding Program. No outside instructors are permitted to teach students or train horses at GFS unless they have special permission from the Director of Riding.

The Director of Riding and Barn Manager must be notified if an owner takes his/her horse off of the property for any period of time.

Students must ride within barn hours. Turnout rotations and feeding occur daily at predetermined times. Riders must plan independent rides accordingly.

If there are extenuating circumstances, it is the student’s responsibility to coordinate riding times or obtain special permission from the Director of Riding for riding outside of barn hours and ensure that there is an adult on premises with them.

Students are not permitted to jump without a Garrison Forest instructor present.

Every riding student is required to own some basic clothing and equipment. All students must have their own grooming supplies, properly fitting ASTM-approved riding helmet, long pants and boots with a heel. Riders are also required to have grooming equipment, available for purchase from the school. Competition riders are required to have show attire as well. All of these items can be purchased at a local tack shop with the help of GFS riding instructors if necessary.

Clients with full leased or owned animals are required to outfit their horses with all necessary tack and supplies.

Riding students are expected to be available for two hours on scheduled lesson days in order to care for horses and equipment in addition to their riding time.

Students must attend scheduled lessons. School year lessons run in accordance with the GFS calendar. Instructors must be notified with greater than 24 hour notice of any cancellations in order for make-up lessons to be considered. Make up lessons granted to students must be scheduled within the calendar month and based on instructor's availability.

Missed lessons will not be refunded.