Welcome to Residential Life at Garrison Forest School! Our boarding program goes beyond providing care and support for the students who reside on campus; here, we fully integrate the boarding experience into our educational philosophy with a strong program that prioritizes character development, global competency and wellness

Lohr Hall

As a part of our boarding community, you’ll find a distinctive combination of living on campus and the many opportunities that a day school offers. Our program is designed to give young women the confidence to become:

  • Successful scholars. You’ll refine skills that will set you up as a lifelong learner: managing your time, balancing academic work and extracurriculars, being a respectful community member and resolving interpersonal conflicts with peers.
  • Successful and informed citizens. Programs designed to educate you on what’s happening outside of “the Forest” provide opportunities for students to advocate and communicate the needs of the community. Community events and meals bring our day and boarding community together and give you the opportunity to interact with people from different backgrounds and perspectives.
  • Successful adults. We prioritize the importance of balance and wellness, and focus on instilling a sense of independence and responsibility that will prepare you for what’s next.

At every step, you’ll succeed with the Residential Life Faculty there to continuously guide you. The boarding program at GFS gives all girls the support they need to continue to thrive and grow. We hope you will choose to learn more!

Boarding During COVID-19

Thanks to our dedicated faculty, staff, and facilities team and our close partnership with parents, Garrison Forest School has been open for in-person learning since fall 2020. For the majority of that time, we have been open five days a week for all divisions. 

For our boarding students, living on campus during COVID-19 has looked a little different, but the sense of connection and community is the same. Boarding students form their own cohorts within their residence halls, so they are able to enjoy many of the privileges that they would in a normal year, including access to faculty and some of our favorite weekend activities. And, for those things that are currently off-limits, our Residential Life faculty have come up with fun, creative alternatives. 

The health and safety of our entire community remains our top priority. Some of the precautions we've taken in the 2020-21 school year include on-campus testing after returns from breaks, single rooms for boarding students, health and safety checks, enhanced cleaning protocols, designated quarantine rooms and a Community Agreement that asks all students and parents to abide by the same rules and expectations. You can read more about our safe reopening and protocols here. 

While we're not sure yet exactly what fall 2021 will look like for our boarding students, we know that we will be here with a caring, supportive community and lots of friendly faces to ensure your experience boarding at GFS is the very best it can be.

Highlights of Boarding at GFS

  • Tradition + Innovation: Our boarding program was established over 100 years ago but continues to be forward-facing, including the recent opening of a new dorm!
  • National and International: Students join us from across the country and around the world.
  • Flexible/Short-Term Boarding: Click to learn more about options that make boarding feasible for any student.
  • Location, location, location: The GFS campus is conveniently located within a short drive to an airport and train station and is about an hour drive from Washington, DC, about two hours from Philadelphia and about three hours from New York City.


Meet and chat with current GFS parents, including the parent of a boarding student, to learn about their experience and ask any questions you have. Click above to be connected. Note that these conversations are private between our parent volunteers and you, so feel free to ask anything you want to know! 


Welcome to Boarding at GFS! Learn more about our boarding program or visit our campus virtually.

Jodi Blackburn, Director of Residential Life
(410) 559-3126

Rachael Browne, Assistant Director of Residential Life
(410) 559-3176

Click here to meet the GFS Residential Life staff.

Garrison Getaway

What is Boarding at Garrison Forest all about? Call the Admission Office at 410-559-3111 to learn more!

"At GFS, everyone knows everyone and is so friendly. My friends, boarders and day students, and teammates are like another family. Boarding at an all-girls' school has helped me to be more confident and try things I never would have before."