The boarding experience at Garrison Forest is fully integrated into our overall educational approach, one that keeps girls and their specific developmental needs at the forefront of everything we do. Boarding can be an important component to each girl's unique path to success, offering an immersive program that prioritizes character development, global competency and wellness.


One of the key benefits of being a part of the boarding community at GFS is our focus on development of the whole self for each individual girl. As a boarder here, you will develop self-discipline, maturity and independence as you learn, with the support of our Residential Life faculty and staff, how to navigate different situations that non-boarders might not encounter until college.

Our weekly programming doesn’t end at shopping trips and fun outings (although we have those too!); as a boarder, you participate in a residential curriculum that continues your personal growth. In addition to the many opportunities to stand out as a leader as a GFS student, boarding students can take on unique leadership roles as a Prefect. Living and leading in our residence halls is an unparalleled way to not only develop your sense of self, but gain many of the soft skills you’ll need in life.

2022-23 Prefects


GFS is a globally focused school, and the national and international boarding community is a vital part of that. You’re invited not only to share parts of your culture and unique experiences, but to learn from your roommates and classmates. We’re proud to have a diverse student population, and our students are encouraged to engage with others who have different backgrounds and perspectives.  

One component of cultural enrichment is celebrating opportunities for our students to share their traditions and experiences with one another. Whether it’s a dinner program or holiday festivities for the entire community or an off-campus excursion to a festival or museum, our boarding students get a worldview from their home base at GFS.


The entire GFS community is dedicated to making sure our boarding students are successful in their journeys here, and that often means emphasizing the importance of balance and wellness. From faculty members who appreciate the perspectives and unique life experiences that boarders bring to the classroom to administrators who are ever-present in our residence halls, we are here to ensure each girl has a positive, productive experience while living on our campus. Most important to this mission are our on-campus faculty residents, who not only live on campus but share their lives with our boarding students. You’ll see them—and their families—at community meal times and around campus on the weekends. They serve as a built-in support system for our boarding community.

This support and care for our boarding students extends to our regular programming and activities. We offer trips off campus to several nearby shopping areas, restaurants and other points of interest several times each week. Our location is unique—while our campus is wooded and serene, we are just minutes from many different stores and just about any type of cuisine you’d want, and are located near several major highways, making travel easy. In addition to those excursions, we recognize that many of our boarding students are joining us far from their homes, and we offer holiday boarding programs and activities during our Thanksgiving break.


Garrison Getaway

What is Boarding at Garrison Forest all about? Call the Admission Office at 410-559-3111 to learn more!

"I chose to board at GFS because of the lifelong friendships that Garrison girls build. I was looking for enriching and fulfilling academic opportunities and a learning environment that would allow me to thrive. Being in a community where students have close relationships with their teachers has helped me to succeed as a student and a young woman."
- Erika '24