Student Health Advocates

GFS boarding students must have a guardian in order to be on campus. The primary purpose of a boarding student guardian is to serve as an emergency point of contact within the continental United States in the case of an emergency where the student must leave campus. A parent or legal guardian of the student appoints a boarding student guardian to act on their behalf, ensuring that the student will have a safe place to stay temporarily if needed. In addition, boarding student guardians are encouraged to check in regularly with the student, providing any needed support. (Note: students over the age of 18 still require a boarding student guardian.) 

If you are having trouble securing a guardian for your child, consider using Student Health Advocates (SHA). SHA provides comprehensive support and care for international and domestic students who need guardianship support and a local emergency contact while attending school.  For more information, choose a link below to learn more about each service available, and instructions on how to Sign Up

If you have any questions, send an email to:  Or, choose another way to contact them:  Click Here


SHA is not affiliated with Garrison Forest School; families who are considering working with SHA or have questions should contact them directly. Families choosing to use this service are responsible for any fees.