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4th Grade Learns Stitching Stories from Art and Remembrance

In October, Bernice Steinhardt from the Art and Remembrance Organization, a Maryland-based organization that uses art and personal narrative to foster understanding and compassion for those who experience injustice, visited the Garrison Forest 4th Grade class. During her visit, Ms. Steinhardt shares her mother's story of how she survived the Holocaust as a teenager and how she came to tell her life story in a series of 36 fabric collage and embroidered panels. Following her presentation, the girls were inspired to share their own family stories. 

Ms. Steinhardt's visit is the kick-off to the 4th Grade immigration unit, which includes projects integrated across different subject areas. The students will gather information for their own stories and create written pieces in writing and social studies while will be weaving their stories together in art class. Once the girls tell their own stories, the class will begin studying the stories of others through their immigration and refugee unit.