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Pre-K Story Time with Kelly Zhang '18

GFS Senior Kelly Zhang visited Ms. Marsh's Pre-K Class Tuesday morning, delighting the children with a story that introduces touchstones of Chinese culture as it tells a tale of Lin and her best friend, a pet dragon. Kelly acted out the pictographic origins and compound indicatives of Chinese characters to animate the story and make the Chinese language fun.  Chinese characters are objects/visuals that children can absorb and remember in the same way they can recall photos.  After the story, Kelly asked the children to color their own pet dragon. It's hard to say whether Kelly or the children had more fun!

Kelly is new to GFS this year, but volunteered as a counselor for Adventures in Chinese, the GFS summer camp for children, last summer. Kelly timed Tuesday's visit to the Preschool to coincide with the beginning of Peng You (friend in Chinese) week; activities and presentations at GFS will foster getting acquainted and making friends with international students. International Peng You day is November 16.