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Spiders Come to Pre-Kindergarten's Tea

Pre-Kindergarten recently enjoyed the annual tradition of Miss Spider's Tea Party, a fun (and tasty!) culmination of the classes' unit on spiders. With the classic Miss Spider's Tea Party by Daniel Kirk as inspiration, the girls and boys reenacted the tea party from the book with the children as the insects and the teachers as the spiders. The children helped create the menu and decorate the room and tablecloths. Finger sandwiches, fruit, cookies, and, of course, tea (apple juice) completed the menu (and party manners included pinkies in the air while sipping tea).


During the spider unit, the children learned the body parts of a spider and its life cycle. They also learned to distinguish between different types of spider webs. Teachers shared several fiction and non-fiction books about spiders, and students enjoyed spider-themed art creations and science explorations.


Enjoy the photo gallery.