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Time to Learn About Money in 4th Grade

It was “Time to Learn About Money” in early November when the 4th Grade attended a webinar with a representative from the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland earlier this month. The webinar, entitled “Time to Learn About Money,” was part of the students’ financial literacy curriculum and covered topics like budgeting, saving, critical thinking and how to make the best decisions about money. 

Gathered in the Livingston Great Room, the students gained knowledge on a range of financial literacy topics, for example:

•    The difference between a federal reserve bank does and a traditional bank. 
•    Wants versus needs 
•    Making smart money-making decisions and financial projections using the example of deciding between getting one million dollars today or getting a penny today and doubling each day over a 30-day period, ( It was incredible to see the power of doubling!)
•    Harriet Tubman on the $20 bill
•    Earning interest and the power of saving at an early age

Following the presentation, the students had many questions about money. They will take their new financial knowledge with them as they continue their financial literacy work throughout the school year and in the years to come. 



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