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Upper School Robotics Makes State Championship

After two rounds of challenging qualifiers, the Upper School Robotics team has earned a spot to compete in the FIRST Tech Challenge Maryland State Championships for the first time in GFS history. On Saturday, February 17, the Upper School Robotics team will compete against qualifying teams across Maryland for the championship title at the UMBC Retriever Center. 

To participate in the FIRST Tech Challenge, students in grades 7-12 design, build, program and operate robots to compete in a head-to-head challenge in an alliance format. In order to make it to the State Championships, GFS needed to be one of six teams chosen at each qualifier, a difficult task in this very competitive region. The GFS team (which goes by the name Bearly Awake due to their penchant for late nights and early morning on qualifier days) attended two qualifiers before making it to states. On January 27, they attended their first qualifier at the US Naval Academy where they ranked 12th out of 28 teams and were not chosen to be part of an alliance for the qualifier finals. 

The students regrouped for the second qualifier at Oakland Mills High School in Columbia where they stepped up as a team under the stress of technical difficulties. GFS won all of their five qualifying matches which ranked them 3rd out of roughly 27 teams. As one of the top four teams, GFS became alliance captains and invited The Gear Freaks (a middle school group from Eldersburg) and team #8479 from South Carroll High School to join.

GFS made it through the first round of the finals and lost to the #1 ranked alliance in the second round. As the alliance captain of the second place team, GFS earned a spot to compete at the state championship tournament.

Upper School Robotics Team
Sarah Peng ‘18
Clementine Shou ‘19
Irene Sul ‘19
Ciara Tang ‘20
Tina Tian ‘18
Jamie Wang '18
Amy Zhang '20
Audrey Zheng '18

Let’s go, Grizzlies!