Dr. Josephine Johnson ’74
Research Scientist & Educator, U.S. Department of Agriculture Bee Research Laboratory
Dickinson College: B.A., Religion
University of Maryland Baltimore County: M.S., Chemistry 
University of Maryland, Baltimore, Medical School: Ph.D., Toxicology

Josephine was yearbook editor, captain of two teams and served on Service League at GFS. At 18, she worked in the Frontier Nursing Service in Southeast Kentucky. She majored in religion (first woman to receive Honors in religion) with minors in chemistry and classical languages. After cardiology research at Johns Hopkins Hospital, Josephine applied to and was accepted to graduate school in chemistry and divinity school. She chose chemistry because science requires a quick memory of equations (which she had at the time) and religion requires wisdom (which she would hopefully gain over a longer time). For 14 years, Josephine and her husband built their own home out of a ruined barn. Her husband died when their three sons were 9, 7 and 3 years old. She taught courses to have summers with her sons. All four of them studied martial arts for 20 years and trained to the 2nd/3rd degree level. Josephine picked up bee research after her PhD to study pesticides. She is now the project manager of an elephant/bee research center in Tanzania to conserve the two species.