Brooke Young Russell ’99
Senior Conservator, EverGreene Architectural Arts
NYU: B.A., Art History
Columbia University: M.S., Historic Preservation

Brooke knew that she wanted to work within the art field since she started at GFS in 1992. Garrison supported Brooke's passion by allowing her to take Upper School art classes from the time she was in 7th grade, as well as several independent projects. BJ McElderry, Brooke's mentor throughout her time at GFS, put Brooke forward for a fellowship at the National Gallery of Art for an art history based program. It was that fellowship, along with BJ's art history class, that solidified Brooke's love for not only the production of art but the study of its history. Upon graduating in 1999, Brooke moved to New York City to attend New York University, where she majored in Art History and minored in both Italian and Studio Art. After a brief career in fashion, Brooke pursued a master's degree in Historic Preservation with a concentration in Conservation at Columbia University's GSAPP. Brooke has worked for EverGreene for eight years as a conservator specializing in paint.