Ashley Keffer Hinga ’14
Senior Mechanical Engineer, CraniUS
University of Maryland, College Park: B.S., Mechanical Engineering

Ashley attended Garrison from 6th-12th grade. During her time at Garrison, she participated in the WISE program, where she worked with a professor to research the biomechanics of animal movement. After graduating from Garrison in 2014, she attended the University of Maryland where she majored in Mechanical Engineering. During her time at Maryland, she participated in club gymnastics and was a member of Sigma Kappa sorority. Following her graduation in 2018, she began to work as an engineer at CoapTech, a start-up medical device company, where she helped to develop a device for placing feeding tubes at patients’ bedsides. She then began working as an engineer at Edwards Lifesciences, where she worked on a surgical device that allows for minimally invasive repair of heart valves. Currently, she is a Senior Mechanical Engineer at CraniUS where she leads a team of engineers developing an implantable chemotherapy pump for the skull space.