Throughout the last few weeks, 8th Graders have been hard at work on their fall Food Justice Signature Project. Students are working to understand the concepts of food justice and food sovereignty locally and on a global scale by analyzing where their food comes from and who processes, produces and prepares it and under what conditions.  As a part of this Signature Project, students have been working on Food Justice projects in Global Citizenship and writing Food Memory Narratives in English class, and will soon begin reading The Bitter Side of Sweet and discussing fair trade food in English class.

As a special event to tie their learning together, students participated in a day of hands-on learning (no regular classes) on Tuesday, October 18th, which included group work time, local off-campus service projects, and our 2nd annual 8th Grade Food & Literature Festival. As part of Global Citizenship, students started the day working in small groups investigating food insecurity issues related to various global conflicts. They have already researched the issues and are now creating potential non-profit organizations to address real-world challenges connected to food shortages. Next, students traveled off campus in three groups to volunteer at local organizations that address food insecurity in Baltimore: Paul's Place, Baltimore Hunger Project, and Donald Bentley Food Pantry. To conclude their day, students came together as a community in the O'Zone to read Food Memory Narratives they wrote in English class, all while sharing various treats brought in by students that have a special meaning or connection to them. It was an incredible day of learning, volunteering and connecting with one another!