The weekend of October 23-24 was an exciting few days for GFS riders and polo players!

At the Washington International Regional Horse Show, Hayley Wyman ’23 was champion on her horse, Esprit De Victoire in the Modified Children’s Hunters. Alicia Gandsas ’25 and Virginia Edwards ’22 also had a good day in the division, winning a 4th and an 8th place ribbon, respectively. 

Riding 10.23.21

Back on campus, GFS Polo hosted a United States Polo Association (USPA) Middle School Tournament. Players between 5th-8th grades entered as individuals then were placed on teams based on playing experience. Nine GFS students participated along with four local players and one player traveling from Connecticut! Gigi Yapsuga ’29 was on the winning Garrison Forest Team, Emma Paternotte ’28 won the Horsemanship Award and Annie Cate Bissonnette's ’29 mount, Bombita, owned by alumna Posey Obrecht ’09, won Best Playing Pony!