Whew! It was a fun, busy week all around campus as students presented some of their final projects, celebrated their accomplishments, enjoyed some of our favorite annual events and just had fun in the sun.

2nd Grade Animal Fair

Second Grade held their annual Animal Fair, where Parents Zoomed in to learn all about lots of different animals.  Each year, this cross-disciplinary project has students researching an animal of their choice, then creating related projects like a song in Music and a diorama in Art and ultimately a presentation to share with their parents and peers.

3rd Grade Beginnings and Beyond

Third Grade held their Beginnings and Beyond celebration on Wednesday morning. As the culmination of their research into American colonial times, the presentation included quotes from each American heroines, music from colonial times and beyond, facts about colonial times and a dance from the colonial era. Each girl also dressed up as different American heroines throughout history.

Latin Day in the Middle School

On Wednesday, the 8th Grade celebrated Latin Day XXXIV. While we weren't able to host Bryn Mawr this year due to COVID restrictions, we were excited that our 8th Grade was able to participate in this beloved tradition—and they were even joined by the 9th Graders who missed their Latin Day last year for some of the festivities! Dressed in stolas and other period garb, students enjoyed a Roman banquet, followed by a Roman fashion show and historical skits. Afterward, students competed in Olympic athletic events that culminated in the annual chariot race. The Class of 2024 claimed the crown in this year's chariot race but the Class of 2025 were victorious in the relays.

9th Grade Pizza Party

Middle School faculty hosted 9th Graders for a pizza party complete with music, games and fun on Thursday. The afternoon gave Middle School faculty a chance to say hello—and a formal goodbye to 9th Grade students that they didn’t get a chance to properly send off last year.

Summer Splash

The Class of 2023 enjoyed an afternoon of water games, treats and more fun on Wednesday’s Spring Splash!

We will continue the celebrations, presentations and fun in the lead-up to next week’s last days of school and Closings!