The Garrison Forest Equestrian team attended the Blue Rock Classic Premiere at Swan Lake on May 21-23. Here are the results!

Drew Mallahan '26 and Farnley Hi Tide

Drew, a Garrison Forest Student and Equestrian Institute Member, and her pony, Ty, competed in the Medium Pony Hunters. They finished 3rd, 3rd, 5th, and 1st over fences. They finished 5th in the under saddle and 6th in the model.

Reagan Barnes '27 and News Flash

Reagan, a Garrison Forest Student, rode Garrison Forest's News Flash in her debut in the Medium Pony Hunter Division. Reagan rode well and achieved personal goals. They finished 3rd in the under saddle and 4th in the model.

Riley Kletz and Chepetto

Riley rode her horse, Chep, in the 2'9" Non-Restricted Child/Adult Hunters.  Riley had some great rides and achieved personal goals.  They finished 3rd in the under saddle.

Kathryn Obrecht '21 and HTS Kings Ransom

Kathryn, a Garrison Forest Student and Equestrian Institute Member, rode her horse, Kato. They competed in various big equitation classes. Kathryn finished 3rd in the USEF 2* Talent Search, 6th in the ASPCA Maclay, and 4th in the WIHS Jumper Phase.

Magda Stewart and Vancouver IV

Magda rode her horse, Vanny, in the High Adult Jumpers.  They finished 3rd in their first class and 1st in the classic.  Their efforts earned them Champion in the High Adult Jumpers.

Alicia Gandsas '25 and Desperado

Alicia, a Garrison Forest Student, rode Garrison Forest's Desperado in the .80M Jumpers.  They were 1st, 2nd, and 1st in their classes, and 5th in the stakes class.  Their efforts earned them champion in the .80M Division.